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    The First To Introduce To The East Indies Market In 2017


    With cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we've revolutionized the production of peptides, creating longer and more intricate sequences than ever before. Our relentless pursuit of technical advancements and economies of scale has not only accelerated production but also made it more cost-efficient. Through the integration of various synthetic and recombinant methodologies, we, as manufacturers, are playing a pivotal role in making peptides accessible and affordable, empowering research endeavors across a wide spectrum of applications.

    Choose Mindtek for Unparalleled Expertise and Quality in Research Peptides

    Choose Mindtek for unparalleled expertise and quality in the research peptides field. We are the first to bring these compounds to Indonesia, with a strong background in molecular genetics and chemistry, founded by a U.S.-based physician and advised by leading molecular biologists and analytical chemists specalising in peptide bioinformatics and sequencing.


    Our dedication to quality is steadfast, demonstrated by substantial investments in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing, ensuring products are free from impurities.


    Our close collaboration with advanced peptide synthesizer labs and extensive global distribution underscores our commitment to excellence. Selecting Mindtek means partnering with a leader in peptide research, renowned for purity, effectiveness, and professional integrity.

    The Story Of MindTek Peptides

    After 16 years of private practice in physical medicine, our founder suffered multiple injuries, including a broken C1, C7, T8, L3/4, 4 ribs, and collar bone, resulting in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that rendered him unable to read. In Singapore, Eli Lilly approached him to explore the use of a research peptide, sparking his curiosity. Over the next two years and with over 10K USD spent on HPLC testing, he identified reliable labs, their machinery, and an independent (affordable) third-party HPLC analysis facility.


    In 2017, peptides received minimal attention. Fast forward 4 years, and MindTek not only commands respect but also garners enthusiastic reviews. It has been imitated numerous times by individuals with limited knowledge in molecular biology or analytical chemistry.



    Pure, Stable, & Strong

    Store Properly

    Freeze & Refrigerate

    Freeze Non-Mixed Vials
    Refrigerate Mixed Vials


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    Use Either

    Deionized or
    Bacteriostatic Water


    Sub-Q Injection IM or Topical

    If sensitive to SubQ - IM maybe prefered.


    Research Use Only | Not Intended For Human Use*

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    How should I store my peptides?

    To maintain the quality and effectiveness of your peptides, please adhere to the following recommendations:

    Always let peptides reach room temperature before adding water for reconstitution. This helps in preventing the solution from turning cloudy.

    Storing Freeze-Dried (Lyophilized) Peptides:

    Our peptides are supplied in a freeze-dried, or lyophilized, state. In this condition, they can stay stable for roughly 30 days at ambient temperature. If you won't be using them within this period, it's best to keep them in a freezer at approximately -20°C. This way, their shelf life extends to about 48 months.


    It's essential to note that your freezer should not have 'frost free' or 'auto defrost' features. Continuous freeze/thaw cycles might reduce the peptide's quality over time.


    Storing Peptides After Mixing:

    After turning the peptides into a liquid solution, they should be kept in a refrigerator at temperatures ranging from 2-8°C. If left at room temperature, they might start to break down in just 24 hours. So, it's advisable to refrigerate them immediately after preparation. When stored correctly in the refrigerator, their potency is retained for up to 8 weeks.


    For extended storage in the refrigerator, many users find it helpful to divide the liquid peptide solution into individual syringes, each holding a single dose. These syringes are then frozen, with one being thawed when needed.


    Additional Information:

    • We ensure that our peptides are stored at temperatures below -20°C until they're shipped out.
    • Once mixed, handle the peptides gently. Avoid shaking them vigorously as it might affect their structure.
    • Keep peptides in closed containers, separate from any food items.

    What should I use to reconstitute my peptides in Indonesia?

    BAC, deionized water or saline depending on the peptides structure.

    When will my peptides arrive in Indonesia?

    If in stock you will receive same day in some occassions but typically 1-3 days post order. If not in stock, it may take up to 15-20 working days depending on customs control.


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